Wake up with a UTI after date night?

You’re not alone. About 80% of women who get a UTI have had sex within the prior 24 hours.* It’s often nicknamed “honeymoon cystitis,” (cystitis means infection).  

What to know

    • If you’re prone to UTIs, that 'below-the-belt' bacteria (mostly E. coli) can get you every time.
    • During sex, UTI-causing bacteria enter the urethra (where you pee from) and spread to the bladder, where it makes friends with other bacteria that may already be there.
    • It’s not about how clean a woman or her partner is (bacteria remain even after showering), but it can help.
    • Peeing after sex is a good idea, but not a sure thing.
    • Birth control like diaphragms and some spermicidal agents can increase your risk.

Say bye to burning trips to the bathroom…date cancellations…trips to the doctor…and wasted sick days!