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Thousands of women have put an end to UTIs with once daily ellura, our flagship brand that set the standard for a natural, medical-grade supplement proven to stop UTIs before they start. We currently offer a limited time specialty bottle called ellura Intimate – the same proprietary formulation containing 36 mg PAC (proanthocyanidins) - in an ‘on demand’ specialty package designed for women who get UTIs after intercourse and prefer to dose only around intimacy. Since more bacteria enters the bladder during sex, you must take 2 capsules before or immediately after sex AND 2 the next day (4 total to flush out UTI-causing bacteria). If you get frequent UTIs from sex, once daily dosing is preferred so you don't have to worry about when the moment is right. 30 and 90-count bottles are available at

The ellura difference:

  • Proprietary formulation: only ellura Intimate has 36 mg PAC in every capsule with the highest level of bacterial anti-adhesion activity on the market. Over-the-counter supplements and products cannot compare. Most do not have sufficient amounts of PAC to be effective so read the labels closely. (AJOG 20161)
  • Virtually no sugar. Considering D-mannose, cranberry juice or other products? Most are high in sugar and sugar is metabolized prior to reaching the urine and unlikely to have an effect in the bladder. Did you know that new guidelines from the American Urological Association say YES to PAC from cranberry and NO to d-mannose and juice? 
  • Robust portfolio of research spearheaded by physicians seeking a proven alternative to antibiotics for prevention (i.e. our formula has been studied against trimethoprim and is a natural alternative to antibiotics for prevention2)
  • Formula used to reduce UTIs in the most challenging cases (i.e. children, post-menopausal, catheter-assisted and geriatrics). Trust ellura Intimate to stop morning-after UTIs.
  • International herbal medicine approvals as a result of its pharmaceutical-level efficacy
  • Referred by doctors and trusted by thousands of women!

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