What’s in ellura Intimate?

ellura Intimate is a medical-grade supplement that contains high levels of PAC (proanthocyanidins) – 36 mg in every capsule to be specific – that attaches to UTI-causing bacteria before it can cause an infection. Instead, the bacteria is flushed away when you pee.1  ellura Intimate contains no GMOs, dairy, artificial preservatives, wheat, yeast or gluten. 

How often do I take ellura Intimate?

Because sex often results in more bacteria getting into the bladder, take 2 capsules any time before sex or immediately after AND then 2 the following day (4 capsules total is the boost you need for every intimate moment). ellura Intimate is a specialty bottle designed to keep you UTI-free for 4 intimate moments (16 capsules in each bottle). 

Get frequent UTIs from sex? Take 1 ellura at about the same time every day to keep UTI-causing bacteria from attaching to the bladder. That way, you (and your bladder) are protected no matter when the moment is right! (Of course, you will need a larger quantity for that.)

When you're ready to upgrade from our ellura Intimate specialty bottle, visit www.myellura.com for larger quantities of our dietary supplement.

Who should take ellura Intimate?

Women who are prone to UTIs from sex or certain birth control can take ellura Intimate. Our sexual intercourse dosing is designed for women who want the convenience of 'on-demand' UTI protection.

If you frequently get UTIs from sex, experience post-menopausal UTIs, or have a medical condition that prevents you from emptying your bladder frequently, you will want to consider our once daily dosing so you are protected on daily basis. To order a larger quantity of ellura capsules, visit www.myellura.com.

Do I take ellura Intimate with or instead of an antibiotic?

Treatment antibiotics are prescribed by your doctor to cure an infection, but taking low-dose antibiotics to prevent UTIs may not be the best plan. Harmful bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, especially as we age, and these medications have many unwanted side effects - like stomach upset, allergic reactions or yeast infections - so you may be giving your body something it doesn't need.2 

ellura Intimate will not TREAT an infection (that's when an antibiotic is needed) but it's a natural supplement to PREVENT the UTI from ever coming on!

Do I need a prescription to take ellura Intimate?

No. While we’re proud that ellura Intimate is a medical-grade supplement and is trusted and recommended by physicians worldwide, it’s considered a dietary supplement (in the USA) and does not require a prescription (unlike antibiotics). 

Is it acidic?

A little, about the same as a cup of coffee or a cola. If those are no problem, you should do fine with ellura Intimate.

Is it possible to be allergic to ellura?

Unlikely, but not impossible. If you have a red fruit allergy, consult your doctor before you take ellura Intimate.

Is it safe to take daily?

Yes. Naturally-sourced and with no known side effects, ellura Intimate can be taken safely every day. 

Can pregnant women and nursing mothers take ellura Intimate?

ellura Intimate is a natural supplement and there are no contraindications in pregnant women. However, we recommend pregnant women discuss with their doctor first prior to taking any new product.

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