When Peeing Isn't Enough to Ward off Urinary Tract Infections

The last time you told a girlfriend (or even a doctor) you had a UTI, you probably received the oh-so sage advice: “always pee after sex!” But, you’re obviously already doing that, and still suffering from painful UTIs.

ellura Intimate recognizes that some women are simply more prone to UTIs than others, and most importantly—that it isn’t your fault. There can be a stigma around UTIs that makes them difficult to talk about, especially with doctors. But frequent UTIs aren’t a judgment call on your sex life. If we could judge your bladder, it might be to blame, but the truth is no one knows why bacteria prefer to call one woman’s bladder home versus another!

What we know is that you deserve a healthy, sexual relationship that doesn’t include taking constant antibiotics, awkward conversations or unhelpful “tips and tricks” to avoid UTIs. You deserve a proven way to prevent UTIs from coming on, altogether.

ellura Intimate is so effective because it’s a medical-grade supplement made with the powerful ingredient found deep within the juice concentrate of cranberries — PAC, or proanthocyanidins, leaving behind all of the other stuff in cranberries that are not ideal. And, it has 36 mg of it – the proven minimum amount needed for UTI protection.

No amount of over-the-counter cranberry pills (most have less than 5 mg of PAC and a whole lot of sugar and other ingredients), juice or other sage advice — like peeing after sex— can give the same level of PROVEN protection.

You don’t need to run to the doctor, get a prescription or suffer uncomfortable UTIs anymore! ellura Intimate is the clinically-proven, go-to product for stopping UTIs before they start.