Safe and proven way to stop UTIs that’s not an antibiotic

Safe and proven way to stop UTIs that’s not an antibiotic

What if someone told you, “Hey, that medicine you’re taking, it isn’t going to work forever, and you actually don’t need it.” Would you think differently about taking it? Many people would probably ask about the potential side effects and complications of this medicine, concerned for their health, but the truth is we’re talking about antibiotics, medicine doctors prescribe daily. If you suffer from frequent UTIs, antibiotics are probably a pretty common part of your routine. UTI, treat and repeat.

The problem with antibiotics is the more you take them, the less effective they may become. Bacteria stop responding to commonly used antibiotics, making it harder to fight off the UTI. What’s more, take antibiotics enough and you run the risk of making treating future infections even harder. Antibiotic resistance rates in E. coli – the most common bacteria associated with UTIs – are rapidly rising.

As if that’s not scary enough there are other downsides to antibiotics, they can cause immediate stomach upset, allergic reactions and yeast infections and worse yet troubling side effects later in life. Yet many women who get UTIs after sex still rely on the ‘just in case’ preventive antibiotics because they believe it’s their only solution.

If you suffer from UTIs, there is a better way. ellura Intimate is a clinically-proven natural supplement proven to rid the body of UTI-causing bacteria and prevent UTIs before they start, without the harmful side effects or antibiotic resistance.

Save the antibiotics for when you really need them (to treat an infection) and focus on preventing UTIs. You don’t have to suffer from painful burning, itching and frequent urination, and you don’t have to rush to the doctor for a prescription. ellura Intimate gives you back control of your life. Empower yourself to try it!