New guidelines support ellura Intimate formulation

New guidelines support ellura Intimate formulation

The newest UTI guidelines from the American Urological Association recommends only cranberry proanthocyanidins (PAC) as a non-antibiotic alternative for UTI prevention, in light of widespread antibiotic issues, including life-changing side effects, overuse and resistance. The Association could NOT recommend d-mannose or methenamine, noting limited evidence and reliable studies that show fewer UTIs. [Note: This is a big deal if you suffer from UTIs and want to make the best choice and get the best results!]

The nod to PAC further validates the trailblazing efforts of the medical-grade urinary tract supplement brand ellura that paved the way for researchers to identify 36 mg proanthocyanidins (PAC), the minimum dose of the bioactive ingredient found deep within the cranberry concentrate responsible for preventing bacteria from attaching to the bladder and developing into a UTI. As all cranberry PAC products are NOT created equal the recommendations also cite the importance of:

 1. Choosing a product that's standardized. (ellura Intimate contains no sugar, oxalates or Vitamin K and extracts only the PAC ingredient from the pure juice concentrate, not the seeds, stems and leftovers from the cranberry) 

2. Choosing a product with the necessary amount and type of PAC type required. (The formula in ellura Intimate set the benchmark for 36 mg of soluble PAC as the required minimum dose to stop UTIs before they start. Most products in your local stores have fewer than 5 mg, if any at all, and are insoluble)

3.Choosing a product with powerful concentration and proven efficacy. (ellura Intimate has the highest level of bacterial anti-adhesion on the market – that means it’s more powerful at preventing bacteria from making a home in your bladder)

Nearly a decade ago, the formula in ellura Intimate set the standard for 36 mg PAC and we are proud that the medical community continues to recognize these efforts. (okay we'll stop bragging now)

Let’s say NO MORE to UTIs.

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