Master your self-care routine

Master your self-care routine

Self-care? It can mean a lot of different things, but mostly it’s taking care of your physical and mental well-being. You may already be on it; exercising daily, doing yoga and maybe even incorporating some meditation. Or, you could be struggling to find the perfect stress-free routine. You’re not alone. Why not try focusing on less, but with more intention?

Here are a few things to consider:

Mind - Journaling might make you sigh with joy or roll your eyes with disbelief. Still, you can try clarifying your thoughts and feelings that day privately (sorry, IG feed) with some words and images that only you reflect upon. Experts have said there are multiple benefits that come with this simple practice, such as solving problems more effectively, clarifying your thoughts and feelings and, you guessed it, – reducing stress. There are some great digital apps for journaling on the go, so you can get comfortable with yourself and find that peace of mind you didn’t realize you needed.

Soul - The “self” in self-care does not mean you can’t involve others in your journey. Relationships nurture the soul so aim to connect with someone you care about at least once a week. Let’s go beyond texts and posts and opt for Face Time or IRL. See how your soul thrives through these ongoing interactions and schedule that “been meaning to check in with them” call with an old friend once a quarter.

Body - Break from your normal exercise routine – whatever it may be – and give special attention to other areas, like your urinary and vaginal health. How often do you do you do pelvic floor exercises? You can do them almost anywhere – talk about adding self-care to your daily commute! BONUS: pumping up our vaginal muscles helps improve bladder control (DYK women can leak from a cough or laugh regardless of their age?) and can even increase sexual sensation and orgasmic potential.

Don’t let self-care stress you out, you have enough to worry about.

Life is good. Start small and simple and put yourself (and your health) first!