3 things not to say to someone who gets frequent UTIs

3 things not to say to someone who gets frequent UTIs

What’s the cherry on top when you are getting frequent UTIs? Having people judge you and even question your ability to take care of yourself.

 1. “Just pee after sex.” Of course personal hygiene is important, but it’s not a sure thing and has not been proven to prevent UTIs. If it were that easy there wouldn’t be more than 10 million doctor visits a year for UTIs (yikes!). 

 2. “Didn’t anyone teach you to wipe front to back?” Nobody wants a painful UTI. Personal hygiene is always a great idea, but not always enough. Everyone is different and a UTI is not anyone’s fault.

3. “You must be doing something super dirty.” Having sex puts you at a greater risk of getting an infection, but it doesn’t actually cause the infection and it certainly doesn’t make a woman promiscuous or dirty. Because women’s urethras are close to their anuses, where bacteria like E.coli live, the bacteria don't have far to go to get to the urethra and are given a push during sex.

Ladies, we’re in this together. Let’s stop shaming each other and instead empower ourselves to take control of our health to keep UTIs away.  The one thing you can tell your BFF: try ellura Intimate. It works!