19 ways to take on 2019 like a boss

Lose weight, run more, eat less, etc. We all make the same New Year’s resolutions, after all the change in calendar year is a great opportunity to set new goals. They  may soon fade, but how about making simple changes in life that help us get through every day with less stress and more positivity. We can own each day and set the course for a #kickbutt2019.

  1. Give yourself a compliment every day. “My eyebrows are on point!”; “I killed it at work today”; “I am rocking this outfit!”; “That dinner that I made was BANGIN”.
  2. Kick any negative-Nancy’s to the curb.
  3. Drink a full cup of water before getting out of bed every morning.
  4. Take 5 minutes to stretch everyday.
  5. At least once a week, match your panties and bra.
  6. Teach people in your life how you want to be treated.
  7. For an hour per week take some time to do something for yourself, go for a mani pedi, take a long bath, or catch up on your favorite show.
  8. When there is sunshine, take a moment, close your eyes, tilt your face to the sun and enjoy it.
  9. At least once a month, make time for girl-time.
  10. Cook something special for yourself.
  11. Do whatever it is that makes you feel pretty/smart/happy – If you don’t like your job, look for something else. If you feel pretty with natural face, then go natural boo. If you are happiest when you sing, then sing your heart out!
  12. Set a daily goal, and when you reach it, reward yourself. Don’t hit it? Try again the next day.
  13. Be present in every moment.
  14. Say yes to one activity or experience that you would normally say no to.
  15. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else.
  16. Appreciate other people, even if their opinion is different than yours.
  17. Before you go to sleep every night, think of one thing your thankful for that happened that day.
  18. When something happens that frustrates you, before you act, take a deep and deliberate breath.
  19. Unplug from the world of social media, texts, YouTube and emails every once in a while. Start out small, with an hour, then expand it (or at least set a shut-down time every evening).

Own 2019, girl! Positivity is infectious so give yourself a boost this year!